Dustin asked 12 years ago

Months ago i met this girl in school , we barley talked but once we did it was like we were meant to be. Everything we said or did together felt like magic.We never dated but we always acted like we did.She had an ex-boyfriend and she did not want to date because of that pain she felt from him. so i stayed with her through it all helping her with that. Then i don’t know what happen and everything hit the fan.She spends the night at this guys house to do homework and finds out he is the one for her and now they are dating , and she wants me in her life and everything else like that , but should i stay , we don’t or doing anything as before (not even close) but she still needs me for some reason , i mean yeah every time i see her i feel like i fell in love again again and again , but should i just give up and pretend like it never happen? What should i do