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Ginger asked 12 years ago

I am a mom of three kids ages 4, 3, and 1, and I am having issues with patience, and sometimes yelling. I am looking for a female therapist who also has multiple children who may be able to help me work through these issues. Do you have anyone to reccomend at Insight? Thank you very much.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


Thank you for turning to Insight Psychological for help. We have several wonderful female therapists who have the training and experience to work effectively with you regarding parenting and/or family issues. They may not be able to identify with the exact issues you are experiencing, but they definitely have the capacity to support you and provide you with direction and resources to live a more a satisfying life.

If you are interested in booking an appointment, please research our therapists and call at any time to book an appointment.

All the best,

Ashley Tulloch