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Anastasia asked 12 years ago

I met one boy two nights ago.My friend set up a ,,date” for us,but he just sat at the bench and looked at me.They said he was drunk but I don’t know because I have never seen him beforn.Do we have a future?He didn’t respond on my facebook request.No,he didn’t kissed me,he just went away.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Do you want a future with this guy? Does he share many of your beliefs and values? Do you feel fullfilled and appreciated in his presence? Has he done or said anything that makes you feel like who he is lines up with who you are?

If not, then perhaps you don’t have a future. This is okay. There are only a small handfull of people in this world that were meant to be with you long-term. And those who are meant to be with you long-term, will be in your life for a reason. (a reason stronger than a friend set up a “date”)