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AnnMarie asked 12 years ago

i am 18 years old and me and my parents fight all the time, ijust started to recover from cutting myself and im on antideppresants, my parents make me want to cut all the time they are my main trigger, i have a friends place i could live at do you think it would be best? would it help our relationship and help me get better

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

If you feel like it is safer to no longer live at home, then this is something you need to consider. But keep in mind that moving out may change your environment, but it will not change the way you and your parents interact with one another. Moving out also will not help you find different coping mechanisms (other than cutting).  If the problem is you and your parents fighting, then this is the issue that needs to be resolved. I highly recomend coming in for family therapy. Are there ever times when you can approach your parents in a calm way? I suggest telling them that you would like to make some changes to imrpove your relationship, and invite them to join you in some family counseling. If they decline it is okay. It would still be benificial for you to come in and do some counseling. when one person in the family makes changes, the whole family system has to shift, so changes occur in all family members.

You can call us here at Insight at 780-461-1717, The Family Center at 780-423-2831, or contact The Support Network at 780-482-0198.

In the meantime, if you feel lilke cutting, call The Distress Line at 780-482-HELP(4357). It is available 24 hours.