I just want him to be happy. How can I satisfy him

Ask A Therapist OnlineI just want him to be happy. How can I satisfy him
Emily asked 12 years ago

After I began dating my friend I found out he is extremly attacted to anal sex, and he loves watching “Shemale” porn, which I found uncomfortable but I could deal with. Then he told me he wants to give male oral sex. I am not homophobic and I am a little Bi-curious. When he told me this I felt/ feel really hurt. I feel like a hypocrite for being upset, andworst of all I feel like I’ll never be able to satisfy him sexually. He suggested that one day we have a ‘free day’ but I felt extremly hurt by that. I would never want to have sex with someone other than the person I’m dating and I hoped he felt the same. I just want him to be happy, but that is one thing I will never be able to give him. I told him down the road I would be willing try anal (even though it sounds really painful, and I don’t find it appealing) I just wish that was enough for him. I don’t want to end my relationship over this. Please help.