I don’t know how to build relationships with men

Ask A Therapist OnlineI don’t know how to build relationships with men
DB asked 12 years ago

My boyfriends leave me becoz I hesitate to get physical with them. My last boyfriend, who has broken off with me three weeks back, has done so for the same reason. he wanted a kiss and i pushed him away. He was hurt, i knew it but was too nervous to bring up the topic. It kept building to a point where we stopped talking for a month. And when we met after that, he clearly said that though he loved me, he could not continue as we were not compatible, I give him too much of pain and he sees no future. I love him a lot and am devastated. I don’t know why I do such things. Now when I tried to explain, he is not willing to listen and has not kept any contact with me. I have done such stupid things in the past too. I have no idea why I do it but I have not had a proper relationship in my life beoz of this reason. Please guide me