Elissa Lee Sophia Gilbert asked 12 years ago

I am TERRIFIED of showering in an empty house. I am a 15 year old girl. I always play music when I am in the shower but it doesn’t seem to help when I am alone. I was alone in my house today parents told me to take a shower. I was crying my eyes out while I was showering. What do I do to overcome?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Fear and anxiety is a very difficult thing to go through. Anxieties show up in many forms (some people fear spiders, others fear closed spaces). For you, the fear is around showering alone.

I’m curious if anything has caused this fear. Has something happened to you in the past that now causes you to fear showering alone? Did something happen to someone else that is causing this fear? Sometimes fear is the result of a past experience, but other times it shows up seemingly out of nowhere. I recommend talking to someone about this fear. Through counseling, you can understand your thoughts and beliefs that are causing this fear and find a way to get a hold of them so you can have more control over your life.

I recommend contacting a therapist here at Insight Psychological (461-1717), or you may want to contact The Support Network (482-0198).