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Meg asked 12 years ago

I am sixteen and I have had bulimia and anorexia on and off since I was eleven. I never binge on food. I just eat very little. About 600-800 calories a day. When I do eat, I throw it up after. I exercise too. I really do not want to go to a psychiatric hospital or treatment center. Would I just be able to see a counselor and still live at home? I don’t want to tell anyone about my eating disorder. I want them to care enough to notice.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

 Self esteem can play an important role in eating disorders. I would suggest seeing one of your counselors to help you with the issues that you are experiencing. Maggie Brennan is one of our therapists who specialize in eating disorders. She would be able to help you with this issue through different therapeutic techniques such as CBT. I would also suggest consulting with the Eating Disorders Clinics which are located across Alberta.