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Georgia asked 12 years ago

I have depression and an anxiety disorder which i take pills for and see a psychologist weekly but i have dermatillomania ( i started it when i was 7 and am 14 now) and currently have 15 areas on my scalp bleeding from picking them about 5 times a day, is this self harm? and how serious is it?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

Did you speak to your psychologist about this? The Dermatillomania is a form of self-harm, and it is also a habit. this habit is going to be difficult to break. You have a compulsion to constantly pick your skin and this compulsion will increase with stress. The key thing is not to be too hard on yourself and do not judge yourself. Accept that this is a part of your life right now, and it is a part of you life that you can change. Change is going to come slowly but it is possible. I highly suggest speaking with your psychologist so you can create a plan to break this habit of picking your skin.