Blended relationship

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Jaycee asked 12 years ago

My BF wants to take and post in his kids rooms family pics, 1 of him and daughter’s mom and 1 of him and son’s mom. I am uncomfortable with this and told him, he said it’s his house and his photos and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. I hate to be insecure but the daughters mom and he have a close relationship. She cheated with him when he was married to sons mom and in my opinion doesn’t respect relationships. She is close with his family, their daughter is the only grand daughter and adored by all. I just don’t know if there is a place for me with baby’s mom being so accepted. On the flip side, my 3 childrens father is not in our lives after the divorce and pays no child support. He says, I’m just jealous bc I have such a bad experience with my ex and he and baby mama are fine. He has stepped in with my kids and spends more time with us than his own just because we lived with him and we now live close by. How do I handle this? How do I stop being so insecure? I am afraid of ruining my relationsip.