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Shannon asked 13 years ago

I think I have an attachment/abandonment disorder–based on childhood circumstances and abuse. How do I fix this? Can’t seem to hold a relationship longer than 2 years an thinking that I’m gonna end up alone forever. I’m already 32 and the only one single and childless…. I hate myself …

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 13 years ago


I’m sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time. Our experiences in childhood, particularly in relation to our significant caregivers can have an impact on our relationships and ability to develop secure attachments in adulthood. It sounds like you have awareness of this process and are motivated to address and work through these issues so that you can have a healthy and fulfilling long-term relationship. The fact that you have insight into the impact of your childhood experiences and are willing to seek help tells me that change is already occurring. There is hope for things to be different for you, so don’t give up on yourself. Our therapists are absolutely wonderful and would be glad to support you through this process. Call us at 780-461-1717 to book an appointment.

Take care,