Are there free one on one counselling sites online

Ask A Therapist OnlineAre there free one on one counselling sites online
FBL asked 12 years ago

Hi there I’m just wondering if there are any free one on one counseling services available anywhere online? I’ve been looking for awhile but can’t seem to find anything…

1 Answers
Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

There is nothing in Alberta that I’m aware of regarding free on-line counseling. Some therapists are willing to use online counselling (Insight Psychological 780-461-1717) but I don’t know of any who do so for free.

Some clinical settings do offer free counseling (for example, The Support Network 780-482-0198 and The Family Center 780-424-5580). you could give them a call and see if any of their therapists are willing to do counseling over the internet.