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soraya asked 12 years ago

Hi, I´m a 20 year old University student. For a couple of years I was a anorexic. Last year I quite overcame the problem. However, it changed to compulsive overeating. From the beginning I didn´t think I had a problem but the last two-three months it became a lot worse. I practically lost control of myself…. I would like to ask you, what are the methods for treating this? What would you recommend to fight this problem once and for all? Thank you!

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


Thank you for turning to Insight Psychological. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve been having with eating. I encourage you to book an appointment with Maggie Brennan, a therapist at our Edmonton office who specializes in eating disorders. She will be a helpful resource for you in terms of creating a treatment plan and learning to take back control of your eating habits. To book an appointment, please call us at 780-461-1717.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ashley Tulloch