Cory Hrushka in Taylor & Francis Online: Investigating MAPP

sexual and relationship therapy journal

Our very own Cory Hrushka was just published in Taylor & Francis Online in the Sexual and Relationship Therapy Journal. Insight Psychological is committed to furthering education in the field of psychology.


Due to the need and request for a more sophisticated and robust understanding of the area of bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM or SM) activity, a more detailed and organized visual representation model was developed based not only on clinical experience, but on input from the SM community. This is called the model of action and perceived power (MAPP). After a review of the literature finding that little has been written outlining any adequate pictorial models of these relationships, the MAPP was developed to chart how commonly identified personal or given labels such as Master, Slave, Predator, etc. within the community, fit within a greater context or organizational structure under the umbrella concepts of action activities and perceived power, with some hint at intensity in these areas. This model also identifies interaction styles that complement each other within these concepts, intensity of their style as well as an action to shift roles within this model called the “Tilted Alpha.” Finally, this paper outlines some of the previous models brought forward by others which support the foundation of this current visual model.

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