Cory Hrushka Guest Speaks at ‘Boldly Go: Tools for Navigating a Life of Success’ Seminar

This past October 15th, Cory Hrushka from Insight Psychological was honored to guest speak at “Boldly Go: Tools for Navigating a Life of Success” held by Lisa Standeven.

About the event:

Success is not simply about reaching our goals in business. It may or may not involve losing ‘that last 10 pounds”. And we all know that a new car won’t necessarily make us happy. Real success is about creating happiness in our lives, through the actions we take at work, at home and in our personal time.

Boldly Go brings together speakers from various professions and backgrounds to offer valuable information for creating fulfillment and success in your business, in your personal life and for your peace of mind.

Cory provided valuable insight into what makes a successful intimate relationship, with bold dialogue about love and sex.