Parents, Coaches, & Instructors

An athlete or performing artist usually has one or two people in their life who influence their performance on the field, court, or ice; or the stage – parents, coaches and instructors. There is a responsibility for these people to provide support, guidance and structure for the athlete or performing artist.


As a parent, you are probably very invested in your child’s progress and success, however, you may also share the anticipation, anxiety and pressure that your child may feel in their efforts to make it to a higher or elite level. In your eagerness of wanting to see them succeed, you probably experience even higher stress, anxiety, and frustration when your child is not meeting your expectations and not demonstrating sufficient motivation or effort to reach what you perceive as their full potential. If they have the realistic potential to be discovered by scouts or talent agents, then your stress, anxiety, and the pressure you feel may be even higher still.

Coaches & Instructors

If you’re an athletic coach or performing arts instructor, you likely already know that the progress and success of the athlete or artist are dependent not only on their own efforts but also on the support, guidance, and encouragement that you provide to them. You may experience the same stress that they feel when performing  and you may feel that their performance is a reflection of your coaching or teaching efforts, so if they underperform, you may feel frustrated, disappointed, or judged.


Sometimes, parents and coaches or instructors may be in conflict with one another when their opinions differ on what is best for the athlete or artist. Your responses can have an effect not only on your own physical and psychological health but also that of the athlete or artist. Parents themselves can have differing views on how to support their athletic or artistic child, which can make home life even more challenging not just for the athlete or artist, but for the entire family.

At Insight Effectus, we help parents, coaches and instructors to gain the resiliency and skills needed to deal with your stress, anxiety, frustration, and conflicts, so that you can personally stay well and continue be a dependable and effective support for your child, athlete or artist.

Together, with our support, you can provide your child, athlete, or artist with an environment in which to enjoy their sport or art, maximize their potential, and perform at their personal best.

At Insight Effectus, we offer individual support and coaching as well as group sessions and workshops to parents, coaches, and instructors on how to best support the athletes’ or artists’ development. The emphasis is on using a holistic approach to help the athlete or artist improve their performance, as well as enhance their overall well-being. This involves examining and working on various drivers and inhibitors of performance and well-being including: cognitive functioning, psychological issues, mental readiness and skills, medical conditions, learning abilities and limitations, nutrition, screen time, sleep, and more.

We invite you to check our event calendar on upcoming workshops. Our workshops will often include theoretical and hands-on aspects of the subject being covered.

What to expect at a workshop

  • Introduction to the holistic approach to performance
  • An understanding of the development of training goals
  • Introduction to the tactical and mental skills involved in elite sports performance
  • Information about the development of mental skills to help support your child through the ups and downs of a competitive sports or performing arts world
  • Learning how to be a supportive voice and role model
  • How to keep the athlete or artist feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude towards sports or performing arts
  • Introduction to the adverse effects of electronics on performance and overall well-being
  • Multi-faceted comprehensive introduction to the elements of proper training and overall lifestyle

If you’d like to learn more about Insight Effectus and how to get involved in a program or workshop, contact us today.