Executive Performance Program

Are you an executive officer or a manager? If so, you may agree with the following:

  • Corporate executive officers are tasked to make critical strategic and operational decisions that would impact the progress and sustainability of their organization as a whole. They are also tasked to care for, effectively deploy, and enhance the resources in their organization.
  • Managers, regardless of level, are expected to be able to multi-task, think critically, anticipate and solve problems effectively, make consistently sound decisions, as well as lead and work with people productively.

All of this is often expected with scrutiny and pressure from multiple fronts for an executive officer or manager to be always at your best. In many cases, the physical, cognitive, and psychological burden that executive officers and managers carry can take a toll on your personal wellness.

At Insight Effectus, we can help you to:

  • Enhance your existing cognitive functioning skills and abilities or preserve and delay any loss of those skills and abilities that you may face. We use state-of-the art equipment and technology to help you gain, strengthen, or preserve your focus, concentration, response and processing speed and efficiency, working memory, reasoning, cognitive-perceptual skills, decision making, and other functional abilities needed to for you to stay quick, sharp, and more agile in your role as an executive officer or manager.
  • Develop or strengthen the mental resiliency, skills, and agility that you need to deal with not only the stress, pressures, and challenges that are inherent in your leadership role but also those that come with the complex and ever-changing work environment itself.
  • Develop or strengthen, where needed, your self-awareness, interpersonal skills, team development, conflict resolution, communication, and other leadership skills that would enhance your effectiveness as an executive officer or manager.

Ultimately, we will help you to strengthen faculties and factors that can affect your productivity and effectiveness as a leader.

What to expect from the executive performance program

In this program you will receive:

  • A comprehensive intake and a series of cognitive performance tests
  • A comprehensive assessment of multiple leadership dimensions
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy performance sessions
  • Cognitive-perceptual training sessions in the office, or a customized home-based program.
  • Counselling through Insight Psychological
  • 3 to 12 coaching session from Insight Psychological
  • Mental health maintenance & support
  • Guidance in operations, business development, and human resource management
  • Skills development coaching to executives and managers who would like to enhance their general or specific leadership, communication, and interpersonal abilities (including relationship navigation, emotional intelligence, conflict management, supervision, employee development, etc.)

*NOTE: The number of sessions may vary depending on your needs.

Benefits of the executive performance program

The intended outcome of this program is to strengthen your cognitive functioning, psychological resiliency, and targeted leadership abilities so that you remain an effective and productive leader.

Features of the executive performance program

  • Enhancement of specific leadership skills (for example, communication, supervision, negotiation, critical thinking, problem solving, etc.)
  • Improved attention, memory, concentration, decision making skills and executive functioning
  • Increased capacity to learn and innovate
  • Development of self-awareness
  • Enhanced decision-making, problem solving & multitasking skills
  • Improved ability to manage stress

Criteria for participation

To participate in this program, you need to be motivated to make a positive change in the way you are currently communicating, leading, and/or managing.

Contact Insight Psychological to learn more about this program.