Are You Suited and Ready for Cognitive Enhancement?

The successful development and sustainability of high performance depends on many factors, including the addition or sharpening of specific cognitive functioning abilities such as: focus, concentration, response and processing speed and efficiency, working memory, cognitive-perceptual skills, and other functional abilities.

In addition to these abilities, there’s a need to ensure that other performance-affecting factors such as psychological issues and barriers, social factors, medical conditions, and specific self-care deficiencies are also properly addressed. Only then, can you fully develop and sustain high performance.

Psychological and physical readiness

Prior to undertaking a cognitive enhancement program, there is a need to determine your cognitive, psychological, and physical readiness by considering the following questions:

  • Do you currently have any unaddressed psychological and relationship issues that may inhibit your full development? This may include intolerable stress and pressure, anxiety, fear, depression, lack of confidence, trauma from past incidents, harassment and bullying, abuse, a change in relationship status, grief and loss, excessive or unwanted family involvement in your activities, alcoholism, or other dependencies.
  • Do you currently have any medical, physical or learning challenges that may inhibit your full development? For example, certain metabolic conditions such as heavy metal toxicity, thyroid conditions, etc.
  • Are you willing to commit to a long-term change (if applicable) in lifestyle or self-care practices, if deemed necessary to support the development and maintenance of your performance? These changes could include restricting screen time, giving up smoking, reducing the consumption of alcohol, subscribing to particular dietary guidelines, and more.

If you have unresolved psychological, relationship or medical issues that may inhibit your full development, you should start by attending to these issues before you take on a cognitive enhancement program or at least actively dealing with these issues while you’re in a cognitive enhancement program.

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Intake assessment

A comprehensive intake assessment is done on every client who is interested in participating in a cognitive enhancement program. It will cover medical, psychological, learning, and development history to determine your strengths, areas for development, and areas requiring medical, psychological or other support. From there, Insight Effectus will work with you to determine the best course of action to achieve your intended performance goals.

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