About Thrive – Child and Youth

Thrive Child & Youth is Insight’s program dedicated to children’s and youth’s mental wellness and supporting parents and caregivers.

Healthy emotional and social development in our early years lays the foundation for mental health and resilience throughout the lifespan. Yet, 70 per cent of persons living with a mental illness see their symptoms begin before age 18. Mental illness affects some 1.2 million of our children and youth”.

~Mental Health Commission of Canada

Thrive offers counselling and support for children and youth who are facing mental health issues.

Our therapists are experienced and specialize in children’s mental health.

Children and youth are facing stressors that were once seemingly reserved for adults resulting in mental health concerns, such as:

Thrive is a program for parents and caregivers as well.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Family issues
  • Family violence
  • Blended family challenges
  • Parenting issues and support
  • Adoption issues
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Custody access issues
  • Parenting coordination

We offer assessments and support for various developmental and mental health disorders such as:

We offer other assessments for children, youth, and parents such as:

Formal assessments can help to identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide a clearer path forward for your mental health care. Insight’s trained therapists provide assessments that assist individuals of all ages to improve their lives. Assessments are helpful in identifying your level of symptoms objectively. While assessments can vary from individual to individual, most times they include testing, interviews, observation, and consultation with one of Insight’s trained professionals.  Many of these assessments can be done as part of therapy but some may require a higher level of formality depending on the level of need and purpose of the assessment. Our assessments areas include:

  • Gifted/intellectually advanced
  • Developmental and learning disabilities
  • Psycho-educational and memory
  • Personality and behaviour
  • Custody access and parental

Insight is committed to improving the mental health of children and youth and providing support to parents and caregivers.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more or we’d be happy to hear from you to provide information or to discuss any questions you may have. Contact us today!