Mental Health & Safety Training for Leaders

Group training for leaders offered by Insight Psychological are as follows:

  • Behaviour Risk Management – Mitigating Risks of Workplace Harassment, Bullying, Toxicity, and Discrimination
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe and Accountable Workplace, What is and isn’t Psychological Safety
  • Dealing with Employee Mental Health Issues and the Effects on Their Performance
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Training
  • Supporting Employees Who Have Experienced Trauma and Grief
  • Leaders – Boundaries, Control, and Self-care

Depending on the topic and content to be covered, group training and workshops for employees can be one-hour (lunch-and-learn), half-day, full-day, or two-days long. Customized duration is also possible for some training. Topics in demand include the following. Our trainers can also provide training on other tailored topics.

There is strong evidence to indicate that many mental health training options (e.g. short workshops, longer certificate programs, etc.) for leaders have yielded positive results. However, experts have noted that in order for leaders’ training to be truly effective, it must be mandatory, offered regularly, taken by leaders at all levels of the organization, and championed by senior leadership.

Having received training alone is in most cases not sufficient to ensure the effective ongoing use of a leader’s newly gained skills or to maintain their own overall wellness and performance. Such is also dependent on other critical factors such as ongoing individual and group support for the leaders as well as an organizational culture and system that fosters wellness.

Click HERE for details on how we can help your organization assess and mitigate: a) workplace risks affecting employee mental health and performance, and b) build and preserve a culture and system that fosters wellness.