RAE Institute


The RAE Institute for Clinical Research, Assessment, and Education is a collaborative venture between Insight Psychological and Family Solutions Group, dedicated to fostering excellence in the field of psychology. The commitment to professional development is exemplified through the three comprehensive training programs offered, the Master Clinician Program, Advanced Supervisor Certificate Program, and Formal Clinical Assessment Certificate Program.​

Each of the programs that RAE Institute offers are developed and facilitated by Senior Registered Psychologists. All Instructors have been recognized by the Court of Kings Bench and provincial courts as expert witnesses, qualified to provide expert testimony in clinical psychology and psychological assessment. 


Formal Clinical Assessment Program

The Formal Clinical Assessment Program is broken into two streams, one for Registered Provisional and Registered Psychologists, and one for Psychometrists. Both streams explore the fundamental components of Formal Assessments, however; they are delivered at different levels based on the education and experiential background of the participant. The prerequisite to enroll in the Registered Psychologists stream, or the Core Competencies of Formal Clinical Assessment program is a minimum of a Master’s degree. The prerequisite for the Psychometrist stream, or the Foundations of Formal Clinical Assessment program is a minimum of a Bachelor’s level degree. 

Both 40-hour intensive courses may be delivered either to an individual clinician wishing to expand their professional competencies or at a clinical level, meaning multiple levels of an organization can receive training and support concurrently.

Upon completion of the Core Competencies or Foundations program, participants can continue into the Level One Seminars & Practicum courses. Each course specializes in an area of assessment and offers 40 hours of instruction in: Cognitive and learning function, behavior and personality, diverse populations, and children and adolescents.

Master Clinician Program

Starting a career as a therapist or clinician can be an overwhelming process. It is an intimidating responsibility when you are entrusted with supporting the healing of ‘real live humans’ who have come to you for support. While your graduate education may have prepared you well for certain aspects of the job, you might not feel fully equipped to transfer your knowledge into an applied setting where you are working.

That’s where the Master Clinician courses come in. Our courses are designed to teach new mental health professionals effective and practical techniques to strengthen their clinical effectiveness and advance their client’s gains.

The program consists of two levels, each with eight 3.5-hour courses each. Individual certificates are given for each course as completed. However, a full certification indicating completion of the Master Clinician Level 1 or Level 2 is offered at the completion of the eight courses.

All of the training sessions are taught by senior psychologists and focus on practical, tangible, skill building, and broadening the emerging clinicians scope of interest.

Advanced Supervisor Program

The Advantage Advanced Supervisor Certificate Program is designed to support talented leaders who demonstrate professional excellence and are ready to develop their skills to support emerging professionals.

This program consists of four modules, each of which take approximately 6 hours to complete.

Additionally, this program recognizes the importance of effective supervision in fostering the development of the next generation of psychologists. Participants will undergo specialized training to refine their supervisory skills and contribute to the growth and success of their mentees. 

RAE Institute is dedicated to shaping the future of mental health by empowering professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their careers and make a meaningful impact in the lives of their clients.

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