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Improving Intimacy in Relationships

Posted on 12/04/2022 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog, Couples, Couples Counselling, Marital Issues

  Building intimacy in romantic relationships is a gradual process that takes time, communication, and patience. It’s all about feeling close to your partner and is built as you connect, grow, and feel more open and comfortable with each other.  It is important to note that intimacy can mean different things to different people. You may be thinking of intimacy in a sexual context, but that is not always the case. There are many different ways to experience intimacy with your partner, as there are different types of intimacy. This includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and experiential. Let’s take a further… Read More Here!


Erectile Dysfunction : Medical Cause but Psychological Impact

Posted on 17/11/2020 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog, Sexual Issues

So, you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), which motivated you to see your doctor and you’ve learned the cause is medical. Now what? There is hope! Although most ED issues are psychologically based, some are medical.  Generally speaking, medical causes mean medical treatments! Even though the cause of your ED is physiological – there is a possibility you can alleviate ED by treating the cause. For example, if your condition is diabetes, getting your blood sugar under control can help. Heart failure or other cardio-vascular concerns can be treated and may relieve or partially relieve some of your ED. Medications as… Read More Here!


Psychological Cause & Effect of Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on 04/10/2016 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog, Gender and Sexual Wellness, Sexual Issues

Are you experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? If you look at a lot of the medical literature exploring ED, they tend to quote that psychological factors are responsible for about 10%-20% of all cases. Interestingly, as a psychologist, and in my practice as a sex therapist, it is my experience that psychological factors are responsible for closer to 80% or 90% of ED issues. Certainly, there are a lot of medical causes for ED, and these need to be ruled out first prior to looking at psychological effects or causes. Common medical conditions that induce ED include: Diabetes,  obesity, history of smoking… Read More Here!


Have You Got Spring Fever?

Posted on 05/05/2015 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog

It’s a common thought that spring time brings thoughts of love, attraction, and sexual desire. Spring fever, as some call it, is an experience felt by many. Think about your own seasonal fluctuations. Have you fallen in love more often in the spring or winter? When were you born? When were your babies born? Is there any pattern to when your relationships have ended? Let’s explore the research behind spring fever to gather more information and see if it really exists. Testosterone One thing we know is that testosterone levels do change through the seasons. Testosterone is actually highest in… Read More Here!


Sex & Marriage: When Your Spouse is Your Best Friend

Posted on 30/09/2014 in Amare (Sex, Intimacy, & Gender), Blog

Sex with a long-term intimate partner who knows your innermost secrets – it sounds good on paper doesn’t it? Surprisingly, a common theme that arises in relationship counselling is that sex starts to lose its appeal as the bond between people grows. A love partner stops being a figure of desire in the bedroom and starts to feel like a good friend. Sex becomes routine, boring, without passion, mundane, a chore, tiring, or any number of uninspiring things. How can knowing more about your partner make sex less interesting? As love grows, why does desire sometimes shrink? To answer some… Read More Here!