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Sylvia asked 13 years ago

My sister has always had trouble with school. In preschool she was fine, but after she started kindergarten for some reason the teacher wasn’t very nice to her and told everyone in the class that they don’t need to talk to her. Since then she’s had problems with her grades and other students. All her teachers love her because she’s very nice and polite. However at home she gets angry and yells and is very disrespectful. She cries a lot and at other times she seems completely fine. When we try to talk to her she gets even more angry and says that she hates us. It’s really awful to see my younger sister so unhappy and we don’t know if it’s something we should consult a therapist for or just try to work through this with her. Maybe it’s just a teenager thing?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


Thank you for your questions.  I can appreciate your level of concern for your younger sister.  Based on your disclosure, it sounds like your sister would benefit from meeting with a therapist to address the underyling issues that may be effecting her life.  Therapy would provide an opportunity for your sister to explore and gain insight into her thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours, and past experiences in a safe, comfortable, and neutral environment.

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Ashley Tulloch