thnk asked 12 years ago

I am student who, like many others holds a part-time job. I have been here for nine months now, and I have just about had enough. my colleges take advantage of me by leaving all the work for me to do. This includes handling customers, and completing daily tasks, while they watch. what do I do?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

It sounds like you’re experiencing some frustrations with your current situation. Have you voiced your concerns to the individuals at your work? This can be a challenging task for many individuals. However, by developing healthy communication styles that include active listening and assertiveness, it is possible for you to express your concerns and opinions in a respectful and healthy manner. By establishing these skills, healthy boundary formation can also be achieved. The use of these skills will not be limited to the workplace. Many individuals in families, couples, and other relationships experience similar struggles and are able to utilize these skills to help better themselves and their relationships with others. If this is something you require support with, Insight Psychological has many therapists that are able to help you. Please feel free to call in and we can book an appointment with a therapist that would be best suited for you.