what can i do?

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Barbara Werner asked 12 years ago

A few yrs. ago I saw a psychiatrist who said I had severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. My husband thinks its just an excuse and is ready to leave me because of it. I haven’t worked since Jan ’01and I got myself fired. What should I do? Everything’s worse and Im depressedand I still cant get a job

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

what you’re going through is realy difficult right now. It’s hard to be suffering from a disability such as anxiety and agoraphobia, and to not be supported by your partner. Would your husband be willing to go in and speak to a therapist with you? If you approach it from the perspective that you recognize you need some help and you are going to speak to someone and you feel his point of view and feedback would be benificial to the process, he may be willing to go with you.

Is he open to doing some reading on anxiety and agoraphobia? The public library should have some books on the topic, or you may be able to find him some good websites to look at. you can start with the following.



even if your husband is unwilling to get on board, it would be benificial for you to speak to someone about how you can cope with the disorder, and the effects it is having on your life.  Good luck to you.