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Amy asked 12 years ago

Hi, my name is Amy and I have very bad social anxiety and generalized anxiety. I saw a Nurse Practitioner for a while and she prescribed me what felt like a different medication every week. The medication made me very depressed so I stopped seeing her. What should I do now? I still have anxiety.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

I would be curious to hear when your anxiety started. Has this been with you since childhood? Did it begin in your teenage years? How debilitating is it? Does it stop you from going to social events? Does it stop you from working? Does it stop you from leaving your house? You may find it beneficial to speak to someone who can do a proper assessment. We can help you with this here at Insight Psychological (780-461-1717), or you could try The Support Network (780-482-0198). If you’re not able to leave your house, you could give The Distress Line a call (780-482-4357).

There are other ways to deal with anxiety other than medication. You may find talk therapy beneficial. Or you could try some deep breathing and relaxation exercises to get better control over your anxious thoughts. You could google “relaxation exercises” or find some guided meditations on youtube.

Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

With any type of anxiety, it can be difficult for an individual to seek support. I would like to commend you for stepping out and searching for help with your anxiety. Many medications have different side effects. These side effects can be more pronounced in some individuals compared to others. Have you tried seeking therapy to help manage your anxiety? In therapy, the therapist will provide support in helping you determine coping mechanisms that will fit your lifestyle and values.  Creating a repertoire of coping mechanisms can help you gradually apply them to situations that result in anxiety for you. If this is something that you feel may help you, feel free to call us here at Insight Psychological and we can help you determine which therapist would be best for your needs.