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Cheryl asked 12 years ago

How can i cope up and stand strong without always asking someone to talk everyday?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

It sounds like you need to strengthen your relationship with yourself. This is a process that could take a while (and you may find it easier with the support of a therapist), but there are some things I could get you to try to begin the process.

First, I recommend making two lists. One list is all the things you like about yourself. You could point out the skills you are good at, the classes you thrive in, the extra curricular activities you do well in (like playing a musical instrument or acting). It can include your physical features you are most proud of (nice smile. healthy hair, clear skin, etc), or about your interpersonal strengths (good listener, funny, lots of fun, etc). Make a list of at least ten things. Put this list under your pillow.

Next make a list of at least ten things you like to do when you are on your own. Include on this list books you like to read, movies that make you feel good, and your hobbies (such as drawing, running, going for walks, rocking out to music in the living room, singing really loudly, etc). These are the things that make you feel good. Every day, make sure you do one thing on this list. If at the end of the night, you have not completed one item on this list, then read over your first list which is under your pillow.

Enjoying your own company is only a step in building a strong relationship with yourself. The universe is abundant and full of self-help books and other resources, so check your local library. I also recommend speaking to a therapist. You could contact Insight Psychological (780-461-1717), The Family Center (780-424-5580) or The Support Network (780-482-0198).