em tav asked 12 years ago

I’ve always had drama when i was going into grade eight im currently going into grade ten. i had no drama all throughout grade nine. my friend was twend got her friends to yell at me and my other friends were favouring it what do i o

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

 Sounds like you need more supportive friends. Are you being bullied? If so, the best way to stop bullying is to outsmart them. Can you come back with something that will make them feel bad for yelling at you?

It’s not good to have drama in your life, and I suggest surrounding yourself with more positive people. Can you get involved in some extra curricular activities that will give you access to people who share your ideas and beliefs?

I also recommend speaking to a school therapist for additional support and guidance on how to set boundaries. You may also want to contact the Distress Line (780-482-4357).