Son Has Fear of Being alone and Dying

Ask A Therapist OnlineSon Has Fear of Being alone and Dying
Amber asked 12 years ago

Hello and Thank You, My seven year old son has terrified of dying. He asks what it feels like to die and will it hurt, etc. I have answered all the questions for him. He also has a fear of being left alone in the house…even if I just run out to my car…it causes him anxiety. My husband and I have talked to him over and over and reasseared him but it is not working. He is scared to go to sleep at night and wants one of us in bed with him. He has now told me he doesnt focus at school because his mind is always thinking about dying. However his teacher says he is doing fine. Please help!!! THANK YOU

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

It sounds like your son is suffering from anxiety. How old is he? You could contact the Stollery Children’s Hospital (780.433.5437). they will connect you with a child’s psychologist. It is covered through Alberta Health Care. You could also speak to a family counselor at The Family Center (780-424-5580).