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Gengrog asked 12 years ago

Hello.I am writing to you,because i have social phobia.It’s big.Here’s few examples.I can’t watch people in the eyes and talk-i all become sweaty and my head starts shaking.And i just afraid of people,it is hard to talk with them,so i trying to avoid them.Also my head shakes even in barber shop,when barber touch it with machine etc. So,i heard about medicine,tablets or pills.What can you recommend me to relieve symptoms?Or maybe cure the social phobia completely? Please,don’t recommend me psychologist or psychoterapist,because i’m not english(but living in UK)and i don’t know english this good,to talk with one(and also my phobia do not allow to visit one).So please,can you suggest me some medicine,that i can buy,somewhere in online shop?Thank you.