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Antoinette asked 12 years ago

i feel like my boyfriend is going to leave me. we have been going through some problems and i dont know if i can fix this problem. i would like to know if he is really going to leave me. i have been with him when he was at his lowest and now he is working i think he has changed. the problem came up

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Being uncertain is very difficult. Have you and your boyfriend discussed the potentials of breaking up, or is this a fear you are having because of the problems. Often when couples go through difficult times, they experience fear because they do not always know how to adress (solve) their problems.

There are some things you can do to rebuild your relationship. think about what is working and do more of that. With every relational withdrawl, we have to make five deposits. Sometimes when a relationship becomes saturated with problems, it is hard to make those deposits, but it is necessary. what sorts of ways did you offer care and support to your boyfriend when you first started dating?

I suggest looking at the following website and signing up for the “free emails”. You could also contact us to book an appointment for you and your boyfriend (780-461-1717).