Obsessed about a person.

Ask A Therapist OnlineObsessed about a person.
Madiha asked 12 years ago

I had broken family.I started to think about person since 2004 and even now I feel may be he is around me. I have no personal information about him.I dont know that is it love or not but I think about him even now when im not in that city where he used to live.I think he noticed me.I dont no he loves me or not.I know that it is quite illogical as im 26 years old now.But I cant control 2 thik about him.I dont know is it love or not.I felt his presence when I was in that city many times.It cant be my illusions.Whenever someone talks about my marriage,I used 2 do panic without any reason.KIndly tell me what to do.And during this period I started 2 talk with person because I wanted to escape from my ruined family and problems and I suffered from de[ression as I dont want to do mbbs.I want to get rid of thinking about guy but them I think that Im in love with him.Is it love or not..I think abut that person in every second of my life…Is it love as I dont know his name or any personal information or even dont know that he loves me or not???what to do right know…Please tell me is it love or not????what should I do