My Daughter’s father refuses me contact.

Ask A Therapist OnlineMy Daughter’s father refuses me contact.
AMANDA asked 12 years ago

Hello, I share a 5 year old daughter with an ex-lover,our daughter had lived with me up to a year ago, an issue of me moving put of state. Now, that he has sols custody, he feels he can stop me from all contact with our baby girl. If he does let me talk to her she’s talks about dreams , that I’ve died in. I so worried, what is happening to her emotional?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Hello Amanda

I am curious about the “sole custody” your partner has. What do the legal documents say? Do they say he has sole custody? If so, what are your visitation/access rights lined out in the document? If he is not following these rights, you may want to get a lawyer involved.

It is important for both you and your partner to be on bored with speaking to your daughter honestly about the changes in the relationship. Your daughter’s fears are probably a result of being unsure and left in confusion with unanswered questions when it comes to you. You and your ex need to make it clear to your daughter that you are okay. She also needs to know when she can expect to see you or speak with you, and these expectations need to be followed through.

Check to see if your local community offers a parenting after separation course. This course will dicuss how to help your child cope with the separation in a way that avoids anxiety and fear. If your ex is not open to taking this course, you could ask your lawyer if he is able to make it mandatory. Be clear with your lawyer about what is going on for your daughter and explain that you are concerned about her emotioonal well being.