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DKT asked 12 years ago

If my boyfriend won’t admit to his past affairs behind my back, is that what makes me unable to trust him? And will I gain trust once he admits that he did? I feel so insecure and have ZERO trust for him. It’s been 1.5 years since he did that to me.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Trust in any type of relationship can be quite fragile. Once trust is threatened or broken, both individuals within the relationship need to decide whether or not they are committed in moving forward together despite the damage. In couples therapy, we attempt to support individuals in communicating their expectations in the relationship. Because you lack trust in your partner, it would be beneficial to contemplate what can be done to re-establish this trust. What would he need to do to help you feel safe and place trust within him again? And is he willing to do that? Attending couples therapy can help monitor communication between you and your partner in order for you both to be heard in a safe environment. If you and your boyfriend are interested, I would suggest booking an appointment with Insight Psychological. A therapist will be able to help both of you determine your expectations within the relationship and how to achieve this. By working together on the issue, the relationship has the opportunity to reach a new level of maturity and growth.