julie asked 12 years ago

hi im 28yers old im girl i hve hd very difficult life im now settled with a partener of 5 years and 3 young children, im also the carer of my 65 year old dad who i have just nursed back to health from bowell cancer and ruptured bowell my dad has just been told he has secondary cancer of the pelvis and small bowell and im just not coping my mum and dad are seperated and i have 3 other siblings who are causing havoc over the wil and next of kin the thing is my dad dosnt even have anything to leave and he isnt even dieing but the day to day life and coping are getting too much i have a few problems myself from depression,ocd and anxiety i also have low mood and have had feelings of worthlessness im on medication anti depreesants,diazepam and tamazepam i also had a miscarrage last year that im finding hard to cope with my sisiter who im close to also ahs mental health problems and she was sectioned last year under the mental health act my dad wants me to be in controll of his mail, benefits and funeral if anything does happen but im unsure as to where to go and who to ask for help im hoping you can help thankyou julie