Ask A Therapist OnlineHusband going through a mid life crisis.
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My husband seems to be going through a mid life crisis and I believe is suffering from depression. For the last few years he had been dabbling in esoteric practices and spirituality. One of his longtime friends has convinced my husband that he (my husband) has healing energies and that he (his friend) is my husband’s spiritual guide. My husband has been reading many books on all sorts of esoteric practices, attending workshops etc. Needless to say, I do not believe in any of these beliefs. In addition, my husband has become disenchanted with his job and everyday life. I spoke to him recently about our relationship and the fact that he has become very distant and never spends time with me. He told me he no longer enjoys spending time with me, that I was controlling and have been for the last 15 years. This was very hurtful and came right out of the blue. I feel many of my husband’s feelings initiate from his new beliefs (I am a negative energy in his life). I told him I thought he may be suffering from depression. He has agreed to go for counseling and had one session with a psychologist. I also suggested the two of us to go for counseling together. His reply was let’s start with me first in an angry tone. I have tried to reach out to him by initiating conversations. He has no desire to speak to me. He shows no interest in wanting to speak to me or spend time with me. I have no idea if he is interested in saving our marriage or trying to work on whatever issues he resents me for. I have no idea what my next steps should be?

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