How to cure my mom?

Ask A Therapist OnlineHow to cure my mom?
Ayman asked 12 years ago

My mom is just crazy she suspects on every single thing we do. She forces me and my brother to eat things that we don’t like. She forces us to eat things that she thinks is important, it doesn’t effect her what the doctor says she will feed us forcefully things that her mother has forced her to eat and told her that it is important. She doesn’t listen to what we the closest people to her say, but she believes every single things that outsiders say, even if they say something crazy. She suspects my dad on every single he does like where ever he has gone, who ever he met and etc. She is so crazy that she says a lot of times that my blood pressure has gone high I feel dizzy, but when we check her blood pressure we see its okay. She never listens to logic, but what she has been said in the past she thinks that is the most correct thing. She acts normal in front of outsiders. When she meets her colleagues she acts normal and also in front of other relatives and friends. She acts horrible with me my brother and my dad. She is normal with her parents and my dad’s parents even, but they also know the reality. My dad wants to take my mom to a therapist, but her parents just don’t allow my parents to do it. So how can we cure her now.