How can I get over depression?

Ask A Therapist OnlineHow can I get over depression?
Adwoa asked 12 years ago

How can I get over depression?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 10 years ago

What is going on right now that is causing you to feel depressed? Are these feelings due to conflict, life stressors, or are you feeling depressed for no identifiable reason? If it is the later (no identifiable reason), then I suggest speaking to your doctor. It could be a thyroid problem or a hormonal imbalance of some kind.

Do you have any thoughts about hurting yourself or ending your life? If so, I suggest contacting a local support network, crisis line, or speak to a therapist.

There is a good workbook you can use to get through depression called “The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression” by William Knaus.

Do you have someone in your life who you find to be supportive? I suggest talking to this person about what you are going through. Sometimes a sense of connection can be very useful in getting over depression. I also suggest you start engaging in some activities that make you feel good about yourself. make a list of things that you used to enjoy. These activities could include going for a drive, singing loudly, finger painting, going for a walk, or swinging on a swing. These activities are best if they are mindless activities that are fun and leave you feeling a sense of enjoyment.

Write out some positive affirmations and stick them around your room. Positive affirmations are things about yourself that you like. Examples include:

  • “I am smart”
  • “I am good at school/work”
  • “I have nice eyes”
  • “I like the sound of my voice”
  • “I was born into this world with a purpose”
  • “I am on a very interesting journey right now”
  • “I can find happiness within”
  • “It’s okay to grow”

Check out the following website for more affirmations and more information about positive affirmations: