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Alanna McCabe asked 12 years ago

I have to write a research paper and I need to ask a “professional” what they think about my research topic. Research question: Do homosexuals choose to be gay or do they have a genetic predisposition that makes them that way?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago


This response is probably coming to you too late for your paper. We receive an abundance of questions, so it takes us a while to answer them.

I think that it is a great research topic, investigating a current and important social issue. I’m sure you found in your research that the topic is very much debated, even in the professional realm. It is pretty much determined that homosexuality is not a choice but as to what “causes” it is still debated. Some evidence supports the idea that there is a genetic predisposition. Some evidence supports the idea that the prenatal environment plays a role. Other evidence say homosexuality is related to brain development.