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Charlene asked 13 years ago

Hello, I have a few basic questions about your services. I’ve been told (by a previous therapist) that I have GAD. I am a stay at home mom with coverage under my husband and I’m looking into options. I am currently in another spiral (or so I call it) and I want to try non-medicated options (although I’m not opposed to meds if that is what we decide is best). What services could you offer me and how do you charge? Also, could I choose a female therapist (I have issues revolving around previous baby losses). Thanks so much.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 13 years ago


We can definitely accommodate your needs at Insight Psychological.  We have a number of female therapists who have the training and experience to address issues surrounding anxiety and grief and loss.  It’s difficult to say what treatment approach would be best for you until you have a conversation with a therapist about your hopes and goals for therapy.  Individual therapy is covered under extended healthcare benefits, and the cost is $170 per hour.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,