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4 years of a relationship, which has been tumultous for the most part and now has seemingly ended. we both agreed to see a therapist but never went about doing so. one reason is that i simply fear that theres little to do in our case. We never experienced “the honeymoon period”, I never felt completely loved, and he never really committed as much as i’d liked. BUT whenever i thought of leaving, he’d hold me back saying he loves me and wants to try and fix things. He’s 13yrs older and insists that he wants a family but with the right person. Just before our break up, I started going out with single girls unitl veeery late and i ended up kissing another guy. I admitted this to my bf and he seemed barely upset. 2 days later he let me go out again saying he should be able to trust me. I nagged him about not caring until he finally blew up and decided to leave me. I know i can get him back (bc he really doesn’t want to leave me) but i would want things to change. I need these emotional needs met. Is there any hope therapy/counseling could help us?? (He actually tried several sessions on his own but to no avail)

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