Divorce and Time

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Elizabeth asked 12 years ago

My fiance and I met before his divorce was final. The process took quite some time, and his final divorce paperwork was delivered after we moved in together. Once it came he felt overwhelmed as he hadn’t properly grieved and has asked me for more time before we really dive into “us”. Do I wait?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Processing the end of a marriage takes a lot of work, and it is a very important process to go through. Loving somebody means supporting them in this process. I suggest asking yourself if you want to marry him, or if you want to marry this other woman’s ex husband. If you want to marry him, I recommend giving him the space to do the grief work he needs to do. It takes a lot of self awareness to recognize that this was necessary, and it is a good thing he noticed it now as opposed to once you were married. If this man is worth waiting for, he will be a much better version of himself once he goes through this process, and he will be more able to give himself to you both emotionally and mentally.