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lostintranslation asked 12 years ago

im looking to find some help with a problems ive been having since im 6y/o.ive been looking into sex therapy but all im finding is how to make sex to your partner. i need some help on another type of sex problems that is actually illegal.ive done nothing against the law…yet but its intinctual.HELP

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

Dear Lost,

Here at Insight, we specialize in many topics around the issue of sex, above and beyond the typical self-help books about how to improve your sex life. We have four sex therapists, one of which is the only certified sex therapist in Edmonton. It sounds like your issue is much more serious than the typical “sex help” that is out there, and I’m sure it is causing you a great amount of anxiety.  I recommend that you come speak to one of our highly trained therapist.