Can’t let my ex go

Ask A Therapist OnlineCan’t let my ex go
Ashley-Ann asked 12 years ago

Hi I can’t seem to let go of an ex-boyfriend and its ruining my happiness. I have him living with me and I get so angry and jealous when he texts and goes on dates. I really don’t wanna feel like this be I can’t help it cause I love him so much even though he treats me like shit. Can you please help

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

Healing after the end of relationship is a process. This process is much more difficult to go through if you’re still in constant contact with you ex. Even though he is going on dates, there’s a good chance that he is also struggling with this process (people cope in different ways). It would be beneficial for you to come in and talk with someone about healthy ways to cope with this situation. It will also be beneficial for you to learn how to maintain a solid sense of self and an inner calmness when your ex is making choices that you have difficulties witnessing (like the texting and going on dates).

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