can Insight help me with my transgender issues?

Ask A Therapist Onlinecan Insight help me with my transgender issues?
Lola asked 13 years ago

Hi, so I’m transgender male to female and have been since I was 13-14, but at the age of 16-17 that’s when I knew and wanted to change my body (appearance) into more feminine outlook. I have found your website and i got really interested and now I’m just hoping whether Insight is willing to help me in moving to the next step in order to get started with hormone (estrogenHRT). I am 23 now, I’ve been doing alot of research including what are the dangers/risk factors, what will satisfy me etc. I’m the kind of person who is really positive about the transition and very determined to get everything over and done with.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago


Thank you for turning to Insight Psychological.  We do have therapists who have experience working with transgendered individuals and who would be glad to work with you and support you in moving to the next step in your process.

To book your first appointment give our office a call at 780-461-1717.

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