Anger and Stress with family

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Meher asked 12 years ago

hi to who ever reads this. Im a teenager and am facing family issues. My parents are so horrible! I have a younger brother and sister. Always my parents have been partial towards my brother and ever since my sister was born i was forgotten. My parents swear at me and hit me so I cant scream at them or anything but I have all this tension inside me in my head and my stomach and i feel so cooped up. My parents dont have any time for me. I try so hard to appeal to them but they just dont see it. I recently moved and i did everything! i moved my parents room. I assembled all of the cupboards. I assembled the beds and put up a canopy for my sister and put up the decorations. They still dont see it. They still make me wear the clothes they want me to wear no matter how ugly and uncool they are. They dont let me wear make up. They dont let me do anything and they make me go to sleep at 10 O’CLOCK! I hate them! My sister has taken my place I mean my parents used to see me and my dad listened to me and my parents actually cared when i cried. but now they are just morons. I hate them and they dont listen to anything I tell them. Please dont tell me that they listen and just want good for me because I SWEAR that they do not. They even told me to my face that they wished i wasnt their daughter. Please help me Meher