Ask A Therapist OnlineAm I going crazy? Please help me
Anonymous asked

Ok I know this sounds crazy, I’m well aware of that, but no matter what I do, it’s still on my mind. I would like to know if my problem is ocd related and what I can do to get better. Like I said I know this sounds crazy, but here I go. So my mum made this photo album up for my cousin because he lives far away and there were two photos of me in there, I didn’t want her to give him those photos cos I didn’t like how I looked ( I have self esteem issues) she gave it to him anyway and it really bothered me, like literally I would think about it everyday and kept telling my mum I want my photos back. This was just in my mind and I couldn’t help it. So finally like a year later I managed to get the photos back cos he visited. Then going through the album I noticed a sticker was wrinkled and I tried to fix it, but the wrinkle wouldn’t come out. My mum gave him back the album and all I can think about is this wrinkle that should be fixed. Now that I got the the two photos back of me, this on my mind and I can’t help but think about it everyday. I know how crazy this sounds, but I can’t help it. What’s wrong with me and how do I fix it?

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