Am I crazy?

Ask A Therapist OnlineAm I crazy?
Alex asked 12 years ago

I have great hatred for all people in the world, especially for my father, and I feel that I want to kill everyone. And I think I can be a psychopath. Also, I have attempted suicide twice

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 12 years ago

Do you experience any feelings of hopelessness or helplessness? Depression is effects  many individuals, and you may be experiencing a form of this. Seeking therapy to help manage the emotions that may be behind the suicidal thoughts and attempts may be beneficial for you at this time. A therapist can then begin to explore the feelings towards your father and other people.  Is there an origin of the hate that you indicated towards your father? More information would be required, however, it appears as though you require some type of closure from your father. The feelings associated with your father may be translated to other individuals for different reasons. In addition, I am curious about how you view yourself. Do you experience hate towards yourself? How do you take care of yourself currently (mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually)? If you feel as though you are struggling in any of these areas, you can start with techniques on this website ( I would also highly recommend speaking to a therapist as well.