Entrepreneur Care Therapists & Associates

The services in this domain are guided by therapists and associates who are or have been successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and/or family-business owners themselves and can directly identify with the stress and challenges of running a business. Each of our business development and operation partners are not simply professionals with training and theoretical knowledge in small and family business advancement. They are seasoned business leaders and advisors with significant direct experience and expertise in small and/or family business start-up, multi-aspect operation improvement, and business development. Each of our human resources partners are also seasoned HR professionals with significant direct experience and expertise in leading HR departments, developing HR programs/policies, and executing the core HR functions listed above.

Depending on the client’s needs, our associates and therapists may work with partner physicians and other specialists where appropriate, to provide our clients with the multi-disciplinary interventions and support that may be needed to address their issues and concerns in a holistic manner.

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