Individual/Organizational Mental Health & Risk Assessments

We offer the following essential assessments that can help to determine: 

  1. Key mental health challenges currently experienced by the organization’s workforce, 
  2. Current workplace risks and hazards that can directly affect employees’ mental health, 
  3. An individual employee’s capacity to remain-at-work or to return to work and accommodations needed, when they have sustained a mental health injury. 
  4. Specific intellectual disability or specific psychological, behavioural or personality disorder that an individual employee may be facing and which may be affecting their ability to function optimally at home and at work.
  5. A leader’s level of skills and competencies to foster a safe, well, and productive work environment.

MPP is a comprehensive multi-issue mental health and work stress scan that screens for the following concerns:

  • Life Change Stressors and Adjustment Issues
  • Work Stress and Risk of Mental Injury
  • Exposure to Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Violence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep Issues
  • Anger Issues
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Substance Use and Addictions
  • Problematic or Compulsive Behaviour
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychosis

MPP is designed to:

  • ​Help individual employees get a better understanding of their current state of mental health and work stress, so that they can seek further assessment, support, and/or intervention where applicable, in order to stay healthy and productive.
  • ​Help organizations gauge their employees' COLLECTIVE mental health condition and areas of challenge, so that they can develop targeted strategies and solutions to address concerns identified, promote employee mental wellness, and build a healthy, safe, and productive work environment.

WPRA is an in-depth workplace psychosocial risk audit that helps organizations identify the specific workplace psychosocial areas of risk that would likely induce or exacerbate employee mental health difficulties, so that they can develop targeted strategies to mitigate the risks identified and build a healthy, safe, and productive work environment.

Key areas of risk assessed include:

  • Work Demand, Control & Clarity
  • Organizational Culture & Justice
  • Employee Engagement, Involvement & Influence
  • Growth & Development
  • Systems & Support
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Change Management
  • Physical Environment & Safety
  • Psychological Environment & Safety

With a Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Assessment, Insight Corporate can assess:

  1. the type and extent of mental health injury sustained by the employee and the effects experienced by the employee, 
  2. how the mental health injury and effects might impact the employee’s fitness to remain working or readiness to return to work,
  3. the type of work accommodations that may be needed to ease the employee’s return to work or continuation of work,
  4. the treatment and support that may be needed to help the employee’s continued recovery, resiliency building, and performance restoration.


Gaining clarity on the employee’s capacity to stay at work or to return to work as well as of the types of accommodations that may be needed would allow the employer to plan accordingly to ensure the employee’s successful stay at work or return to work.

Insight maintains a comprehensive library of over 350 clinical as well as non-clinical assessments, and work with physicians and health regions, government and pseudo-government agencies, lawyers and the court system, insurance agencies, school boards, and organizations in various industries to provide their employees, members, and clients with the following specialized assessments:

  • Fit-to-work/Return-to-work Readiness
  • Psychological Illness and Disorders**
  • Personality and Behaviour
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Career and Employment
  • Neuropsychological/Cognitive Functioning**
  • Learning/Psycho-educational
  • Custody Access & Parental Capacity
  • Court/Forensic

**An employee who may be concerned with or may exhibit symptoms of psychological, behavioural or personality disorders or functioning issues can start off with a screen or proceed with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of their condition. From there, appropriate follow-up care and support (where needed) can be provided to the employee by our clinicians.

Click HERE for a comprehensive list and details of all of our assessments.

A 2022 global study by The Workforce Institute involving 3400 participants found that 69% of participants say that their manager has a significant impact on their mental health, akin to that of their partner (69%), and more than the impact from their doctors (51%).

This study confirms what we already know – a leader plays a critical role in fostering employee mental wellness, safety, and productivity. As such, it is paramount that they have the ability to do so effectively and such ability or lack thereof, is often manifested in a range of leadership dimensions, skills, and competencies. They include but not limited to:

  • Leadership styles and approaches
  • Emotional intelligence and relationship management
  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Intercultural competency
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Performance management
  • Empowerment and delegation
  • Self-care
  • Many more

An effective leader will hone and use dimensions and competencies above to foster trust, safety, motivation, engagement, creativity, accountability, and the continuous mobilization of effective actions among its people to advance the organization. 

Insight offers a multitude of leadership assessment tools to evaluate a broad range of leadership dimensions, skills, and competencies. Being aware of one’s leadership strengths as well as areas for development is the first step towards enhancing one’s abilities to develop and lead healthy and productive teams. Proper leadership assessment would especially benefit:

  • New and emerging leaders who want to better understand their areas of strength as well as their areas for development.
  • Leaders who may require the development of new skills and competencies to better manage new responsibilities and/or increased complexity in their role. 
  • Leaders who simply want to build on their existing leadership knowledge and skills as part of their commitment to continuous professional development.

Insight’s Associates, comprised of proven organizational leaders, seasoned management development specialists, and mental health specialists also offer tailored leadership training, coaching, and support to help leaders advance their abilities, competencies, and personal effectiveness. 

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  • Click HERE for Individual Management/Executive Coaching and Support